Friday, June 15, 2012

Problem solved

A few weeks ago, I posted about a nine-year-old in Scotland who started a blog, called NeverSeconds, on which she posted daily photos of her school lunches, prompting worldwide criticism of the quality and content of the school’s food. I joked that if she had done that in America, one of the first things the school would do is ban cameras from the lunchroom. Turns out Scottish school officials aren’t that different from their American counterparts.

UPDATE: Following “a storm of protest on the internet,” the council has reversed itself, and will allow Martha Payne to continue taking pictures of her school lunches.

If only they could ban the internet itself!


FedUpMom said...

Did you see that she has also used the blog to raise enough money to build a kitchen for a primary school in Malawi? What a fabulous idea.

I wonder if we ed-bloggers could do something similar -- buy books for a school, or something? Something to ponder over the summer ...

Chris said...

Yes, and she's raised forty-five thousand pounds -- what a great use of suddenly finding yourself viral. The link to contribute is here.