Thursday, June 6, 2013

Did I just waste three hours of my life?

I’ve been relying on Karen W. for commentary on our district’s ongoing facilities planning process (see posts here and here). But Karen was unable to attend last night’s lengthy “community workshop,” so I’ve written up some thoughts of my own. They’re over at the Patch.

UPDATE: More here.



Karen W said...

Sigh. Speaking of wasting time, you waited so long for those results that I just sat here and read them all after you Tweeted the link.

Seems to me that closing schools is something you debate in a district with shrinking enrollment. It's crazy to talk about avoiding a few million in upgrades by spending much more than that to build new when the old buildings are structurally sound. Plus, those in favor of closing schools seem to largely be talking about closing other people's schools.

Someone raised a good point--that there has been no discussion of preschool classrooms--what role do they play in planning/"overcrowding"?

Chris said...

Karen W. -- I agree. I also don't understand why there's a need to expand the City High property by closing Hoover (especially for parking!). Given that we're moving from two high schools to three, is there any reason to think that City High will be getting *larger* any time soon?

The preschool question is a good one. Hoover *added* a preschool program this year, even though the school is crowded enough that we need a temporary building. ???