Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School board appoints Jan Leff

The school board tonight appointed Jan Leff to the open seat on the board. That’s pretty unsurprising; Leff is a former school board president, and was the only applicant for the position who ruled out running for the position in September. Alas, she was also the only applicant to whom I did not send my list of questions for school board candidates (because she did not list an email address on her application, and there wasn’t enough time for snail mail).

The school board election is just around the corner, and, partly because of the unexpected opening, five of the seven seats are up for election. Given that I mailed my questions to the candidates only a few days ago, I don’t blame the candidates who did respond to my letter for wanting more time to think through some of the issues in it. But I do plan to follow up with all the candidates as the campaign unfolds.

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