Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“Reading Logs Killed the Bibliophile”

I have a few posts percolating, but it’s a busy time of year and I don’t know how much time I’ll find for blogging. In the meantime, check out FedUpMom’s compilation of blog posts objecting to the use of “reading logs” – that is, making kids turn in an ongoing list of the books they are “voluntarily” reading. I share many of the sentiments expressed in those posts (I stole the title for this post from one of them) and may post on the topic myself at some point.

Particularly noteworthy is this teacher’s response to FedUpMom’s objection that reading logs make kids dislike reading:

So, when I said that it is NOT my job to instill a love of reading, I meant it. If you look at the California State Standards for English 8, it does not state that I’m to make kids love reading. My job is to teach them how to analyze literature in preparation for their high school and college English and Literature classes. Reading for escapism does NOT enter into that. The outside reading requirement, as defined by the state education board, is to increase fluency and proficiency. The state couldn’t care less if your child actually likes to read. I do my job because it’s what’s expected of me.

As a purely descriptive statement about the environment in which this teacher finds him- or herself, can anyone argue with that?

..How can I comment?