Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mission accomplished

Remember how the kids at some of our local elementary schools were eating lunch entirely bundled up in snow pants and parkas, because otherwise they wouldn’t have enough time for recess afterward? When parents complained, at least one principal came up with a solution.

A longer lunch? More time for recess?

No, just tell the kids they can’t wear their winter clothes at lunch -- thus making them lose time from their recess while they get dressed. Problem solved!


Seth Coster said...

Have the administrators ever explained the rationale behind the 15-minute lunches?

I recall in high school we had 22-minute lunches, and even that was a sprint. Typically the first 7-10 minutes were spent in line, leaving 12-15 minutes to eat. It was absurd.

Josh M said...

Is there ANY problem that a public school system can't handle in the most asburdly assbackwards manner possible?

FedUpMom said...

Shouldn't that be "asburdly bassackwards"?

Chris said...

Stoz -- When he met with concerned parents about the issue, the Superintendent explained that lunch and recess had been squeezed to find more instructional time, because of the pressure under No Child Left Behind to raise standardized test scores. More details here. Some related thoughts here.