Saturday, May 21, 2011

Questions for school board candidates, cont’d

Our local school board suddenly has a vacant seat to fill. In that situation, the school board makes a temporary appointment, and then the seat comes up for election in September. Eleven people have applied for the appointment. You can read their applications here.

Five of the applicants said they were planning to run for the board in September: Phil Hemingway, Jean Jordison, Wes LaMarche, Jeff McGinness, and Carlton Meriwether. Another five said they were unsure whether they would run: Jeff Alden, Nanci Kohl, Jill Morriss, Art Small, and Circe Stumbo. Only one (former board president Jan Leff) ruled out a run.

So it seemed like a good idea to ask these aspiring board members if they would respond to this blog’s list of questions for school board candidates. I am emailing them all today (with the exception of Jan Leff, who did not provide an email address on her application). Needless to say, I’ll post any responses. The board is scheduled to make the appointment this coming Tuesday.

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