Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Johnson County candidates: are you out there?

I just emailed all of our state’s legislative candidates again, in hopes of getting a few more responses to my questions about state education policy and its effect on day-to-day life in our public schools. So far, from two-hundred and twenty-seven candidates, I’ve received only ten on-the-record responses. I’m particularly disappointed in the candidates from my own county – several of whom are running unopposed, for crying out loud.

Dave Jacoby, Bobby Kaufmann, Vicki Lensing, Mary Mascher, Dick Schwab, Steve Sherman, and Sally Stutsman: Why won’t you let us know where you stand on these issues?

UPDATE: Dave Jacoby responded this morning.

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Chris said...

Also, none of the candidates who are on the legislature’s Education Committee have responded. They are:

Sen. Randy Feenstra
Sen. Shawn Hamerlinck (ranking Republican)
Sen. Brian Schoenjahn (Senate vice-chair)
Sen. Steven Sodders
Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm

Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad
Rep. Joshua Byrnes
Rep. Dennis Cohoon
Rep. Peter Cownie
Rep. Cecil Dolecheck
Rep. Greg Forristall (House chair)
Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines
Rep. Curtis Hanson
Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa
Rep. Ron Jorgensen
Rep. Daniel Kelley
Rep. Kevin Koester
Rep. Mark Lofgren
Rep. Mary Mascher
Rep. Linda Miller
Rep. Renee Schulte
Rep. Sharon Steckman (ranking Democrat)
Rep. Jeremy Taylor (House vice-chair)
Rep. Nathan Willems
Rep. Cindy Winckler

(The Senate chair, Herman Quirmbach, is not up for election this year, though he’s certainly welcome to chime in.)

If even the Education Committee members won’t tell us where they stand, how could anyone possibly describe our state education policies as democratically accountable?