Monday, December 31, 2012

Blogathon ground rules

I’m not sure whether I should be looking forward to the blogathon (that’s my grandiose term for my plan to post every day in January) or dreading it. I’m hoping it will force me to write posts that are less like finished products and more like thinking out loud. Also hoping it might inspire (provoke?) some conversation in the comments (hint, hint). Anyway, I’ve come up with some ground rules: it doesn’t count as a post if it’s (1) short enough to be a tweet, (2) a glorified link, without any real content of my own, or (3) just me whining about the blogathon. I’m not saying I won’t write such posts; only that they don’t count as the daily post.

Guest posts count, though (as long as they don’t link to!). Any takers?


FedUpMom said...

Does this post count as a daily post?

It's the Barber of Seville all over again!

Chris said...

FedUpMom -- Ha! Possible paradox notwithstanding, I don't think this one would qualify, even if I had waited until January to post it.

But I should have mentioned: Judges' decisions are final (and I'm the only judge)!