Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The cogs seem less engaged lately

Gallup reports that kids grow less engaged in school as the years go on:
Nearly eight in 10 elementary students who participated are engaged with school. By middle school that falls to about six in 10 students.

And by high school, only four in 10 students qualify as engaged.
The executive director of Gallup Education, Brandon Busteed, who is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Business Summit on Education Reform in Des Moines today, had this reaction:
Imagine what our economy would look like today if nearly eight in 10 of our high school graduates were engaged — just as they were in elementary school.
Could it be that looking at kids primarily in terms of economic stimulus is part of the problem?


Sheila Stewart said...

I often wonder how many problems are created in education when it is steered predominantly by a economic lens and end. What grade is not impacted by that focus now?

KD said...

I wonder if kids are less engaged because of the years they have put in the system, or if it is more a comment about some students seeing high school as meaningless.

My older kid and some of her peers had some questionable experiences in elementary school. I think they had a definite sense that no one cared, and the system was broken. I think some of those kids disengaged before leaving elementary to be truthful.

Chris said...

Sheila -- That's a good question.

KD -- I agree. I think it's hard to pinpoint a precise moment, but I would even say that some kids have started to disengage by third and fourth grade.