Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Louis C.K. on school

School officials like to interpret parents’ silence as satisfaction; “You’re the only parent who’s complained about it” is a stock response to criticism. But isn’t it very possible that parents who don’t speak up have something closer to Louis C.K.’s view in this clip (which also gently spoofs parents like me)? Don’t be put off by the content warning; it’s tame.



Megan Samuelson said...

Ha! I'm a big "Louie" fan--I saw this clip when the show aired and remember it resonated with me at the time (as does much of Louis CK's humor). He has a way of getting at an issue on a complexly simple level.

FedUpMom said...

I like the way the man who announces it's his first PTA meeting gets applause, and the woman who says the same thing gets a shrug.

Shannon Severance said...

@FedUpMom: I thought the applause was for the first who announced. I bet you are right though. Would have made the sexism more obvious if they had reversed the order.