Monday, May 4, 2015

How’s that again?

Last month, the school district decided to cancel the planned 180-student addition at Horace Mann school. Still, it’s worth remembering that many people told us we had to close Hoover if we wanted to add six classrooms here:

but were perfectly comfortable with the idea of adding seven classrooms here:

(The pictures are on the same scale.)


Chris said...

I use six classrooms as the relevant number because, although the plan is to add twelve classrooms to City, six are to go on top of the existing structure, so it was the remaining six that were used as a justification for closing Hoover.

Michael said...

To be fair, that expansion also includes library, cafeteria, and some indoor athletic expansions.

Chris said...

Michael -- That's true, but the expansion at Mann also would have included additional space beyond just the seven classrooms.

Anonymous said...

Whew are the softball fields?