Saturday, August 1, 2015

How you can help

Thanks to everyone who’s offered to help. (I’ll need it.) If you’d like to take a yard sign when they’re ready, or to help in some other way, contact me at cjliebig [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com.

If you’d like to make a campaign contribution, send it to Chris Liebig for School Board, P.O. Box 735, Iowa City, IA 52244-0735. Please include your full name and address. No corporate contributions allowed.

My reasons for running are here. A more official campaign website is on its way.


Townie said...

Hello, I just read this article that supports you, Phil and Yates, which is awesome since I do too. The author states that you are not allowed in the Discuss IC Schools Facebook group. Is this true? Are Phil and Tom also banned?
Here is the article:

Chris said...

Townie -- Thanks! Yes, that is true. I don't know about Phil and Tom. I have an open-door policy here at this blog, though. Anyone can comment.