Sunday, October 25, 2015

Blog update

Almost two months without a post. That’s mostly because I simply haven’t had any time, but I’ve also been ambivalent about how and whether to continue blogging while I’m on the school board.

I’ve always thought of my role here as a combination of spare-time activist and amateur journalist; it was primarily a place for me to advocate, agitate, think out loud, and often just vent. I don’t think I can continue to blog in quite the same vein. I certainly don’t feel any obligation to be reflexively positive about everything in the school system just because I’m on the board, but I do think that a board member has to speak a little differently than a journalist or opinion writer, since board members are in some sense the public face of the local school system, even when they’re speaking only as individuals.

To recognize that difference, if only symbolically, I’ve decided to start a new blog to write about school issues as a board member. In a preemptive attempt to deflate any self-importance that might have attached to it, I’ve chosen the semi-ridiculous name Another Blog About School. You can find it here.

Incidentally, some of you may have noticed that the brick wall that was the background of this blog recently disappeared. I wish I could say that I replaced it with wooden boards to make a clever pun on “school board.” But the truth is that I was playing with the template, accidentally pushed the wrong button, and lost the bricks. For reasons that are not worth explaining but are related to my general lack of tech-savviness, it’s not so easy to bring them back, so I chose the Blogger-supplied graphic that most closely resembled a wall. (I didn’t think of the “board” pun until someone pointed it out to me.) I still like the bricks, though; maybe I can eventually find the time to figure out how to bring them back.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog at any time during its six years of life. I might continue to post here at some point (for non-school-board-related issues?), but for now I’ll primarily be using the new space, to the extent that I have any time to blog at all.


mariaconz said...

Hilarious. I'm not very tech-savvy either. I like the pun on school board. Sure glad you're on it!

Unknown said...

Can I share the content of your 2011 post on PBIS? PBIS: Inherently bad, or just badly implemented?

Our district (Battle Ground, WA) has just started to roll out PBIS and I have concerns. Appreciate your past efforts.

Dick Rylander

Chris said...

Dick Rylander -- Sure.