Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some responses from school officials

I received an email tonight from one of our school board members, Tuyet Dorau, in response to my post on the reward tickets program (PBIS). She discovered the post as a result of my comments on the guest opinion in the Press-Citizen today. She says she does not recall receiving my letter about the program, and I’m certainly willing to give her the benefit of the doubt about that. (I did send it to her, but I believe she had just been elected to the board and had not yet taken office at that time.) In any event, she says she is willing to discuss the PBIS issue further, which I really appreciate, and I will take her up on the offer.

She remains the only school official who has responded to my letter, though I should point out that the superintendent to whom I sent the letter has since left the job and been replaced by a new superintendent. I’d love to hear from the new superintendent about PBIS, but it would be inaccurate to say that he did not respond to my letter.

The new superintendent has also contacted the organizer of the school lunch petition and offered to meet with parents to discuss that issue. This seems like a positive step.

Finally, my daughter reports that the fifth- and sixth-grade students at her school were told today that their lunch would now be twenty minutes long, rather than fifteen. I haven’t confirmed that report, and I don’t know whether other grades are affected by any change. Stay tuned . . .

This is all good news.

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FedUpMom said...

Sounds like progress! I hope they didn't take the extra five minutes for lunch out of the kids' recess time.