Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Will school officials respond?

Here’s the latest article on the petition, organized by Katina Lillios, to get local school officials to allow the kids more than a measly fifteen minutes to eat lunch every day. Will the superintendent or school board members respond? (I hope this is not an indicator.)

Stay tuned . . .

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StepfordTO said...

Chris, I still can't believe kids in Iowa City only get 15 minutes for lunch. Do school officials understand how long school lunches are in other countries? Our school's hour-long lunch period is the norm here, and I suspect lunch is even longer in places like France, where the importance of eating well is inculcated in children practically from birth. Perhaps someone should point out to the people in charge of these policies (since they seem to be concerned with test scores) that most of these other countries score higher than the US on international tests like PISA, despite—or because of?—their longer lunch periods. In our elementary school, the day runs from 8:55 am to 3:35 pm. There are 8 forty-minute periods (sometimes doubled up for certain subjects), two 15-minute recesses—one in the morning and one in the afternoon—and an hour long lunch period (from 11:45-12:45). I don't usually boast about our school because, as you know, I have my issues with it, but one thing is undeniable: its tests scores, for what they're worth, are very high. So what are the board members and superintendents in Iowa City afraid of? Has lunch always been this short for kids in your city and state? (Somehow, I doubt it.) I think you need to email Jamie Oliver and get him onto this.