Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No response from school board members on the fifteen-minute lunch

It’s been almost six weeks since Katina Lillios emailed the school board about the petition to extend our elementary schools’ lunches beyond fifteen minutes. Seventy-seven people have signed the petition. There have been several articles in local newspapers about the issue, and the superintendent even met with parents about it.

How many school board members have responded to Katina’s email, or even acknowledged receiving it? None.


FedUpMom said...

Yes, why do we call these schools "public"? They use public money, all right, but the public has no voice.

KD said...

Sad, but not surprising.

My spouse and I have written to the board before, in the past, with no feedback.

We haven't written recently though, I was hoping some of the newer board members would be more receptive.

Chris said...

KD -- I suspect they are thinking that this is an issue for the superintendent to handle. But that's not really an excuse for not responding at all. And the school lunch issue is part of the larger problem of No Child Left Behind and the effect it's having on our schools -- which *is* an issue the school board should be confronting.