Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something has changed

The other day, KD commented that “Both my parents and my in-laws experienced periods of major poverty growing up. I think something has changed between now and then with regards to [how] our schools operate.”

I thought of that comment when I read this post over at Balloon Juice. It’s not specifically about education, but I think it’s getting at that same change that seems to have occurred, without ever having been consciously chosen.

I’m guessing that a lot of us could tell similar stories.


Sarah said...


Mother Jones had an interesting post on economic inequality that relates to these questions of "what changed?" You can find it here.

Sociological Images also had another good post on income inequality here

Chris said...

Sarah -- Thanks for those links. One interesting side-effect of the events in Wisconsin has been that the blogosphere has come alive with discussions of income inequality. Not what Gov. Walker had in mind, I suspect.

Sorry, everyone, that I've been so slow in responding to comments lately -- it's just been a busy time.