Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reader blogs?

I have only the vaguest idea, from the site counter, who might be out there reading this blog. But I wonder: do any of you have blogs of your own you might like to mention here? I’ve listed a few of my regular reads over in the sidebar (“Sites to Check Out”), and in my last post I linked to a great blog about music. If you’d like to point out your own blog, or someone else’s for that matter, whether it’s about school or something else entirely, go ahead and post the blog’s address in a comment to this thread.

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Seth Coster said...

I have a blog at I'm self-employed as an indie PC game developer this summer, and I'm documenting my progress and the things I'm learning about the process. I'm also using my blog as an encyclopedic reservoir for all of the back-story elements of my first game.

Yes, rather than getting coffee for attorneys at law firms this summer, I'm teaching myself to make video games.

This may seem unrelated to school, but I do think that nearly any system (education, business, government) could learn a lot from basic game design concepts. Maybe I'll toss up a blog post about it.