Friday, April 22, 2011

Second to none

Hypothesis: Iowa City has the shortest elementary school lunch periods in America.

Somebody, please, prove me wrong in the comments.


FedUpMom said...

Here's a recent discussion about this issue:

How Much Time to Eat Lunch?

Chris said...

Thanks, FedUpMom. Notice that nothing in that thread disproves the hypothesis -- fifteen minutes seems to be the lower boundary. And at our school, if you're the last kid in line, you'll often get only ten minutes to eat. I've heard similar reports from other schools in the district as well.

Seth Coster said...

I had a bunch of international friends during my undergraduate years. They didn't understand why all of their American friends ate their meals in under 15 minutes.

After age 5-18 in public schools, it becomes a habit.

Chris said...

Stoz -- I've gotten that same reaction from people with international backgrounds when I've told them about the fifteen-minute lunch. Disbelief.

Maybe the short lunches are designed to prepare the kids for the minimal vacation time they'll be allowed to take as adults.