Sunday, March 11, 2012

Local Democratic Party opposes PBIS

Yesterday, the Johnson County Democrats held their biennial convention, and now the county party platform includes the following plank:
We oppose:
139. Discipline systems which rely primarily on external awards and unquestioning compliance to authority.
That’s great to see, especially since Johnson County is heavily Democratic. Not many people read party platforms, but it might at least alert some of our elected officials to the nature of PBIS and similar programs. I do wonder, though, just how impervious the school system is to what anyone outside of it thinks.


FedUpMom said...

Wow! Great minds think alike!

Chris said...

Ha -- Just for the record, I was not involved in the creation of that platform at all. I was pleasantly surprised to hear about it.

Julie VanDyke said...

Well then, Patti Fields is active in that organization...I bet she'll get right on this!

Chris said...

Julie -- LOL.