Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Redistricting, the Superintendent, and other things to comment on

Another busy week without much time for blogging. In the meantime, a few items of interest:

The Iowa City school district will hold forums to hear public comment on its latest redistricting proposal – including on the issue of whether existing SINA transfers should be revoked – from 7:00 to 8:30 pm this Thursday, March 8, at City High, and from 7:00 to 8:30 pm on March 21 at Northwest Junior High. You can also comment via email.

Also, the school board is soliciting comment about Superintendent Murley’s performance via an online survey here. I found the survey frustratingly worded, but I suppose it’s better than no survey at all.

The legislature is seeking public comment on the proposed education bills via email to Type “Testimony” in the subject line.

Karen W. has a great post about the limitations of educational empirical research – a topic I plan to chime in on again soon, too.

Also, check out NorthTOmom’s post, and the ensuing comments (including by me) about discussing social justice in school.

Finally, my apologies for the way the comment form has been acting up lately. Blogger has made some unfortunate changes to its comment system, and still hasn’t gotten all the bugs out. I appreciate that people have continued to comment anyway.


Julie VanDyke said...

Chris, would you consider posting some version of the following?
And away we go...
The district has posted agendas for the facilities committee meeting and the board meeting next Tuesday, March 20th...lots happening!!! Keep an eye on their home page for any sudden new draft versions of redistricting as they have stated they are trying to get them out one week before a forum (as opposed to previous redistricting forums where the dramatically changed plans have been publicly posted just hours before a meeting, i.e., the last Borlaug plan before the last Borlaug public forum if I remember correctly).

It's the community comment section of the 6:00pm board meeting at which all bets are off on the potential for very intense parental reflections on the redistricting process. The comments the other night at the one at City High were the most restrained and civil redistricting forum I have attended. Based on Press Citizen board comments and district temperature, I think the timbre will be changing shortly and I am worried and not looking forward to it. It's likely to be very emotional and stressful for everyone.
These two meetings will then somewhat set the stage for what is likely to be a very controversial public redistricting forum at Northwest Junior High the following night, on Wednesday, March 21st at 7:00pm. I haven't had time to do anything more with it yet but I do, thanks to a FANTASTIC district super-dad, have the City High forum held on 3/6 burned to DVD and will be able to share that. I've offered it to the district to post on their website but will be rather surprised if they come through on that offer. I sincerely hope they will.

I seriously ask that as many of you as possible attend as many of these three meetings as possible. The forum at Northwest on 3/21 in particular will be important with the 6:00pm Board Meeting the previous night only slightly less so.

The meetings on Tuesday, 3/20 will take place at district administration, 1725 North Dodge St. Iowa City, IA. 52245 (East facing entrance at admin building is open).
The redistricting public forum will be on Wednesday, 3/21 at Northwest Junior High, Northwest Junior High School | 1507 8th Street | Coralville, Iowa | 52241.
Best wishes,
Julie VanDyke

Chris said...

Thanks, Julie. Here's the clickable link to those agendas (and here's the home page).