Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two petitions on the facilities plan

The Save Hoover group has started two petitions about the facilities plan. The first asks the board to keep all our schools, including Hoover, open. The second asks the board to reconsider using Hoover as the transitional space (“swing school”) for other schools when they are being renovated. You can read and sign them by following those links.

The superintendent is now saying that he will present an amended version of the plan that does not use Hoover as a swing school and that returns to the board’s original plan of closing Hoover no earlier than 2017-18. That’s a big improvement over the superintendent’s initial proposal (which I described here), and a nice demonstration of the fact that policies can change if enough people speak up about them. But the superintendent says that the amended plan is a work in progress that could change; I wonder how many more “amended versions” we will see. The more people who sign the petitions or contact the school board about the issue, the more likely the district will reconsider the proposal.

A quick recap of some of the reasons to sign the petitions is available here.

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Mary Murphy said...

I live in the Lincoln district, and I signed both petitions. I appreciate the petition's emphasis on keeping all schools open.

It is important to watch to make sure the district does not overbuild its capacity. If it does, operating expenses will increase and the resultant desire to cut operating expenses could later be used to try to shut down currently existing schools.

Thanks for writing.