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Information on the proposed Iowa City school closings

This post is a source of online information about the proposed Iowa City school closings. I will keep adding information to it as it becomes available. If you know of any additional information I can link to, please let me know in the comments. [UPDATE: I’ve slowed down updating this post, as much of the discussion is now occurring within the context of the school board election – which I’ve given its own continuously updated post.]


The school board’s facilities steering committee forwarded two long-range plans to the board for consideration. Although participants in the committee’s community workshops repeatedly favored plans that did not close any schools, both plans that the committee forwarded would close Hoover Elementary School, and one would also have closed Lincoln and Hills elementaries.

On July 23, the board passed a variant of one of the plans, which included the closing of Hoover, though no earlier than 2017-18.


The two proposals that the steering committee forwarded to the board are summarized here (as Scenario 1d and Scenario 4c). The proposal that most people at the last community workshop favored is here (as Scenario 1c). Additional district resources:

The report on enrollment projections, prepared by the district’s consultants (a very large PDF)
Results and comments from the final community workshop sessions
Additional information about elementary attendance populations
A map of elementary school boundaries
The district’s 2011 capacity calculations
The district’s facilities planning website
District engagement website


State board approves annexation request for future Coralville elementary school site (8/14)
New High School Location Raising Concerns In Johnson County (8/14)
School Board approves purchase of land for new high school (8/13)
Iowa City school board agrees to buy land for new high school, elementary school (8/13)
District looking ahead with the utilities for new schools (7/29)
District to discuss elementary schools and district future (7-23)
Iowa City votes to close Hoover for more room at City High (7/23)
Iowa City school board approves building plan that closes Hoover Elementary School (7/23)
Iowa City School Board Closing Hoover for Expansion (7/23)
Iowa City School Board Could Vote to Close Hoover Elementary Tonight (7/23)
District to discuss elementary schools and district future (7/23)
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Iowa City School Board Leaning Toward Closing Hoover Elementary? (7/17)
District officials to talk facilities master plan's future (7/16)
Closure of Iowa City's Hoover Elementary still a possibility (7/16)
Iowa City School Board Indicates Support for Closing School (7/16)
School scenarios draw heated responses (7/15)
Hills fighting to keep school open (7/13)
Iowa City School Board Announces Land Acquisition for New School in South Iowa City (7/10)
School board details two building scenarios (7/10)
Residents say board misled voters (7/10)
Iowa City Parents, Community Members Speak Against Closing Schools (7/9)
Iowa City school district parents speak against closing schools (7/9)
Facilities plan in board's hands (7/8)
Iowa City school board may vote next week on buying land for new schools (7/5)
Leaders discuss funding disparity options (6/21)
To Close Three Schools or Not to Close Three Schools? It's Up to the School Board Now (6/20)
Steering committee narrows down school district facility options (6/20)
Committee settles on 2 school scenarios (6/19)
Iowa City school district committee settles on two planning scenarios (6/19)
District mulls closures (6/12)
Iowa City School Facilities Public Workshop Zeroes in On Two Scenarios (6/6)
Locals not put off by pricey building plans for school district (6/6)
District leaders taking extra time for planning (5/30)
Iowa City School District committee proposes changes (5/7)
Iowa City schools developing construction scenarios (5/6)
Report: Iowa City school district could see 3,000 more students in next decade (3/28)
Report: Iowa City high schools’ capacity lower than believed (3/26)


This blog’s posts on the issue (available in one long stream here):

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Other commentary:

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Frank Durham: Workshops were like the caucuses


You can send an email to the entire school board at board@iccsd.k12.ia.us

You can also email individual board members:

Karla Cook: karla.cook@iccsd.k12.ia.us
Tuyet Dorau: tuyet.dorau@iccsd.k12.ia.us
Patti Fields: patti.fields@iccsd.k12.ia.us
Sally Hoelscher: sally.hoelscher@iccsd.k12.ia.us
Jeff McGinness: jeff.mcginness@iccsd.k12.ia.us
Marla Swesey, chair: marla.swesey@iccsd.k12.ia.us
Sarah Swisher: sarah.swisher@iccsd.k12.is.us

Other contact information for school board members

Websites of current school board candidates: Sara Barron, Karla Cook (info here), Brian Kirschling, Jason T. Lewis, Chris Lynch, Phil Hemingway (info here), and Gregg Geerdes (info not yet available)


Hills Elementary PTO Officers
Hoover Elementary PTA Blog and Facebook page
Lincoln Elementary PTO Website
Save Hoover Elementary


Karen W said...

Chris--1d would also close TREC and displace the home school program plus six or seven offsite programs currently using the building.

Chris said...

Thanks Karen -- I've updated the introduction, above, to reflect that information.