Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ninety percent of a loaf is not enough

I confess that I have gotten a kick out of hearing certain very-City-High-focused people today suddenly sounding panicky at the prospect that many east-siders might now vote for Tuyet Dorau. It’s a bit late to wake up to the realities of political coalition-building and the dangers of overreaching.

I sure will consider Dorau. I now have at least one good reason to vote for her, and have yet to hear any substantive reasons not to – just a lot of “concern” and “suspicion” about her and her motives.

That said, I’m ready to take a breather from this topic. In a couple of weeks, we’ll know for sure who our candidates are, and I will be asking them all whether they favor reversing the decision to close Hoover (among other questions). Until then, I hope to enjoy the summer weather and read some good novels. Don’t hesitate to email me, though, if you’d like a Save Hoover yard sign. Six more went up today.


FedUpMom said...

So have you considered running for the School Board?

Chris said...

FedUpMom -- I'm more inclined to run *from* the school board.

Seriously, I just don't think I could do it while also doing my job and being a parent.

50 plus year resident of the east side said...

Tuyet has a hidden agenda. Anyone who has lived on the east side knows that! Do NOT support Tuyet if you want schools on the east side to thrive.

Chris said...

50-plus year resident -- Thanks for commenting. I'm open to hearing whatever people have to say about the candidates and board members, but the comments I hear about Dorau often seem to be substance-free innuendo. What is the evidence that she has a "hidden agenda"?

Chris said...

P.S. Sorry I've been so slow to get the comments posted -- having some Internet problems, but am trying to get them up as quickly as possible.