Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where do the board candidates stand?

I just emailed the following to all of the current school board candidates here in the Iowa City Community School District:
I’m the father of three kids in the Iowa City schools, and I also write a blog about education issues. I am sending this email to the current school board candidates to ask: If you were on the board right now, would you vote to close any elementary schools as part of a long-term facilities plan?

I know that there are people (on all sides of the issue) who would like to know what the candidates think about this important issue. I will post all responses on the blog.

Thank you.
I hope I receive responses before Tuesday’s board meeting, when the vote on a plan may occur. I did not email the incumbent board candidates, since we will certainly find out where they stand when the vote occurs.

UPDATE: Candidates’ responses are here.

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