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One-stop shopping for the school board election

I want this post to serve as a collecting spot for information about the candidates in our local September 10 school board election. I will keep adding to it as more information becomes available. I’m sure I’m missing things; please feel free to suggest additional links in the comments or via email. (I hope you’ll also feel free to check out some of the site’s other posts while you’re here.)


For live-blogging of the election results as they come (as well as early reports on turnout), click here.


Nine candidates are competing for three seats on the board. Two of them, Tuyet Dorau and Karla Cook, are incumbents. Here’s what the ballot will look like. Find your polling place here. (Go to your “school precinct,” not your “regular precinct.”)

The polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, September 10. Early voting has already begun; you can vote early on weekdays between 7:45 am and 5:30 pm at the Johnson County Auditor’s Office, 913 South Dubuque Street, Iowa City. Friday, August 30 is the deadline for the ordinary voter registration process, but election-day voter registration is permitted. Friday, September 6 is the deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail; absentee ballots must be postmarked by Monday, September 9.

Voters will also decide whether to continue the Physical Plant and Equipment Property Tax, and whether to continue a property tax to buy instructional equipment for Kirkwood Community College.


Candidates’ statements on the closure of Hoover
Candidates’ responses on the issue of school closures
The teachers’ union’s questionnaire and responses
Candidates’ responses to the North Corridor Parents’ questionnaire
Candidates’ responses to the Press-Citizen’s questionnaire
Candidates’ responses to the Coalition for Racial Justice’s questionnaire


I know of four scheduled forums:
  • Monday, August 26 at 6:00 pm, Iowa City Public Library Meeting Room A (on special ed issues);
  • Thursday, August 29 at 7:00 pm, Educational Services Center, 1725 North Dodge Street, Iowa City;
  • Tuesday, September 3 at 6:30 pm, Coralville Public Library; and
  • Thursday, September 5 at 6:30 pm, Hills Community Center, 110 Main Street, Hills.
Video of the candidates’ statement at a meeting with Hoover neighborhood residents is here.

Video of the candidate forum on special education is here. (An audio-only version is here.) It is also being replayed frequently on cable Channel 4; the schedule is here.


This blog’s posts on the election
Commentary by John Deeth here, here, and here
Maria Houser Conzemius’s blog (which frequently focuses on school issues)
Press-Citizen letters to the editor supporting board candidates appear here
Press-Citizen: Today's school assignment: Become an educated voter (8/21)
Press-Citizen: Voters should renew levy for Kirkwood Community College (8/27)
Marla Swesey: On Sept. 10, remember to vote 'yes' on PPEL renewal (8/30)
Save Hoover endorses Hemingway, Geerdes, and Barron (8/30)
Press-Citizen: Make sure to vote 'yes' for PPEL on or before Sept. 10 (9/4)
Press-Citizen: Vote Lewis, Lynch and Kirschling for School Board (9/5)
Five reasons to care about the Hoover closure (9/6)
Jan Martins: No matter who wins, focus needed on special ed (9/6)
The Gazette: Our endorsements for school board (9/7)


There has been not yet been any real news coverage of the school election per se, other than articles about the individual candidates announcing their campaigns. (See Candidate Statements and Profiles, below.) I’m going to confine this category to articles and posts that substantively discuss the board election; for news about listening posts and other campaign events, visit the candidates’ websites, below.

Campaign ethics get attention in Iowa City school board race (8/21)
More campaigns doesn't mean more voters (8/22)
Hoover parents attend school board candidate forum (8/25)
Iowa City School Board race crowded with candidates (8/26)
School board candidates weigh in on special education (8/27)
School Board candidates discuss special education (8/27)
Iowa City school district seeks renewal of property tax levy (8/28)
Iowa City School Board Forum (with video) (8/30)
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Campaign contributions skyrocket in Iowa City school board race (9/5)
School Board candidates reveal fundraising, spending (9/5)
Candidates speak at final forum (9/6)
School Board gives final push before election (9/6)
Temporary polling places school board election (9/6)
Groups endorse school board candidates (9/9)
Nine candidates compete for three seats (9/9)


The newspapers ordinarily run separate profiles of each candidate, as well as candidate statements. None yet; I’ll post them here as they appear. In the meantime, I’ll post links to news coverage of the candidates’ initial campaign announcements.

Sara Barron: News coverage here and here; profile; statement
Karla Cook: News coverage; video interview; profile; statement; profile;
Tuyet Dorau: News coverage here, here, and here; video interview; statement; profile;
Gregg Geerdes: News coverage; video interview; profile; statement; profile; statement;
Phil Hemingway: News coverage here and here; video interview; statement; profile; profile
Brian Kirschling: News coverage; video interview; statement; profile; profile;
Jason T. Lewis: News coverage; video interview; statement; profile; profile; profile
Chris Lynch: News coverage; video interview; statement; profile; profile; profile
Jim Tate: News coverage here and here; video interview; statement; profile


Available here or through their websites, below.


Sara Barron: Facebook page, website, Twitter
Karla Cook: Facebook page, website
Tuyet Dorau: Facebook page, website
Gregg Geerdes: Facebook page, website
Phil Hemingway: Twitter
Brian Kirschling: Facebook page, website, Twitter
Jason T. Lewis: Facebook page, website, Twitter
Chris Lynch: Facebook page, website, Twitter
Jim Tate: Facebook page, Twitter


Links to information on school closings considered during the district’s facilities planning process


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I am Phil Hemingway's daughter, Monica Hemingway. I just wanted to update Phil's 'online presence' status to a Twitter account. I am helping him to manage it and would like to encourage the community to follow him for more up-to-date developments on our campaign. His Twitter username is @Phil_4_Board. Thank you for all that you do with this blog.

Thanks again,

Monica Hemingway

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Monica -- Awesome, thanks! I'll add it.