Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Transparency check, part 2

One of the board candidates, Chris Lynch, helpfully pointed me to this chart from the 2013 enrollment report, which shows that Hoover had 71 transfer students from Twain and Wood elementaries last year. Even if you were to subtract that entire number from the total enrollment, you’d end up with 295 students, just short of the consultants’ 304-student capacity number for Hoover – and that’s not even counting the approximately 30 special ed and preschool students in the building. It’s those (unrealistic) capacity numbers that have justified all the additional construction in the board’s plan, but they are conveniently ignored when it’s time to rationalize the closure of Hoover. If the pro-closure candidates were consistent, they’d have to be concerned about Hoover being overcrowded, not about it being half-empty.

Notice also that the chart uses a different total enrollment number (366) than the district used elsewhere in the facilities discussion (361). Yet last week the district refused to disclose the first-day enrollment numbers for this school year, because of an internal rule that “we use the official state counts for all public discussion.” Uh-oh – the confusion is too much for me!

Part 1 here.

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